Newsletters are one of the most reliable marketing tools a team can have in their arsenal. With the best type of newsletter you have the power to create a space your readers look forward to visiting in their inboxes.

Together let’s create a quality dispatch with engaging content and personality so we can share it with your favorite fans.

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“The world has more billionaires than companies who deliver newsletters that produce meaningful relationships with customers. If you want your company’s email to feel like a real, warm human being with a killer sense of humor wrote it, stop reading this sentence and grab an extremely limited slice of Jenn’s attention for your company’s sake.

Oh, and Jenn is not only one of my favorite writers—she’s also one of my favorite people. You’ll have a blast working with her.”


&yet founder, The Realtime Conference creator

“Jenn writes copy that is persuasive, entertaining, and endearing all at once. She is an exceptional curator and community-builder, creating an experience for the reader that makes them feel both inspired and included.”


Creator of Every Branch, Creative Strategist

“Jenn has taken over our three publications, the Apache CouchDB Weekly News, the Hoodie and the Offline First monthly newsletters, from an existing team earlier this year. She was up and running producing high quality editions within the first week. We are very happy with her work and continue to be impressed with the speed, quality, professionalism, and whimsy of Jenn’s publication work.”


CEO Neighbourhoodie Software, VP of Apache CouchDB

“For the Node Security Newsletter Jenn took an idea for an email and did a lot of work to create a newsletter with a voice. She made sure that it went out with good content, was error free, and on point.”


Founder, ^Lift Security, Creator, Node Security Project

about me

Hi, I’m Jenn Turner and I’ve been writing for the web since 1999, but created my first newsletter in my childhood neighborhood when I was ten years old. Since then I’ve had a few others roles, most recently as a professional copywriter, editor, and tech writer. My background is in English, communications, and tech. My dad always said people would like me for my personality (and not my glasses). I’ve been a contributor to &you, the Hoodieletter, the Node Security News, the Offline First Reader, and the Apache CouchDB blog. I’m also proud to be a fearless donut slayer.