My life with Mila

An ongoing series of stories and reflections on parenting, emotional intelligence, and life in general. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious, always thought provoking. Also, there are sometimes cat photos. 


12 Tinyletters

A year of reflections in 12 monthly installments between September 2015 and September 2017. Personal essays ranging in topics from romantic to mental health issues, from parenting to politics, and more. My voice if you’ve never heard it. 


Periodically Podcast, the podcast about periods

A short-lived project, but one with significant potential to continue someday. A weekly podcast I hosted with co-host, and sister, Tondi Rainey, examining the issues, stigmas, myths and facts around menstruation. 


hashtag podcast

Please don’t listen to this.

Each episode of hashtag podcast follows an awkward conversation between sometimes friends Eric Zanol and Jenn Turner. Who knows where the conversation will lead? They sure don’t, so they just record it to find out.