Communities served

I’ve written weekly newsletters for npm. Served as the first secretary of the Community Committee working group for Node.js. I was the Editorial team manager for the Hoodie project. I wrote the weekly news on the Apache CouchDB blog for over two years, including news on PouchDB. I restarted the IPFS weekly newsletter, and created the Filecoin bi-weekly dispatch. I attended the first Offline Camp, interviewing attendees and writing blog posts about the experience. I spoke multiple times at Brooklyn JS, CascadiaJS, QueensJS, and ManhattanJS.

Project contributions

Created the Node.js Foundation’s weekly community newsletter. I volunteered at EmpireJS. I created and sunseted the JavaScript Air’s weekly newsletter. Served as a board member, email newsletter author, and editor for Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI). I curated the monthly Offline First newsletter. Served as an emcee alongside new and old friends at JSConf Europe. Served as editor for the first edition of Human JavaScript. Wrote site copy for Mojician. Served as copy editor for the Ampersand.js project. Spoke about mental health at JSConf US. Spoke about emotional safety, and later became lead organizer of the unconference, TriConf.

Teams supported

Glitch, Protocol Labs, npm Inc., Carnegie-Dartlet, ^lift Security, Neighbourhoodie, Cornerstone NW, &yet

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